Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Suspect X128-3-26WF

[Media prompt] Germany raids homes of 36 people accused of hateful postings over social media.
Suspect X128-3-26WF

It was winter, and the sky outside was the same colour as the walls of Room 204, an interrogation suite in Criminal Police Headquarters on the corner of Angela Merkel Avenue and Gutmensch Boulevard. Heiko Münch, one of three Prosecutors General for the Department of Social Harmony, sat with his legs crossed on a metal chair, which he had pulled up tightly to a table painted the same shade of military green. On the other side of the table was an identical chair, except it was bolted to the floor so as to prevent an occupant from sliding it forward or backward. This was a recent innovation. Dr. Reinhardt had proven only last year that an immobile seat not only increased the number of confessions by twenty-two per cent, but reduced interrogation time by an average of eight minutes.

Heiko, an athletic man with a deep side part and an abbreviated moustache, flipped through a slender sheaf of papers in a manila folder. He concentrated for a minute, underlining phrases or words with perfectly straight red lines, then closed the file, aligning it so the bottom edge formed a parallel line two inches distant from the edge of the table against which his hardened abdominal muscles rested. When he nodded, the door clicked open. Heiko pushed his chair back, awaiting the arrival of Suspect X128-3WF.

While he waited, Heiko hummed the tune to Merkel’s Motherland to himself, singing the first verse out loud when he started over again.

“When we find ourselves in disarray
Mother Merkel’s words will come to us
Refugees are welcome
Whites are treasonous.”

The younger generation seemed more predisposed to music with its roots in the Maghreb or the Horn of Africa. It was understandable, but he preferred the golden oldies of his youth. He was too young to have seen Merkel in the flesh, but on days when his spirit flagged and he questioned whether there was still a need to enforce the 2023 Laws on Social Harmony, he only had to watch her on the UpLink to have his faith and confidence in the state fully restored. What puzzled him, even to this day, were societal aberrations like Suspect X128-3WF who, for reasons still mysterious, failed to accept the statutes and values of Neo Germany. What drove a white female these days to criticise Muslim customs? As Merkel herself had said, donning the hijab, Western civilisation must adapt to Islamic ways of thinking.

The scrape of shoes on the floor roused Heiko Münch from his reverie. He squared his shoulders, frowning severely in a way that, as they taught him when he first started out, was shown to heighten anxiety in the interrogee. Although, with mousey hair falling over her face, blotched and bloodied by the warders, there was apparently scant room for raising the panic levels of the woman standing before him. The wardens had executed the first phase of the interrogative process to the letter. Heiko opened his folder as the woman sat, her legs trembling.

“A recording made and obtained on 24 June 2058 confirms you stated, and I quote: ‘Why should my daughter undergo a clitoridectomy. We’re white. We’re Christians.’ End quote. What say you?”

He looked up from the paper, disgusted by the naked racism on display. The woman hooked her hair back over her ears, revealing her face. Heiko froze.

“Help me,” the woman whispered through broken teeth. “Please, dad, help me.”

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