Wednesday, 14 June 2017

San Francisco 2022: Moscow 2042 by Vladimir Voinovich

Vladimir Voinovich (b. 1932) was born in the former USSR and wrote Moscow 2042 in the mid-80s (setting it in 1982). For a satire of communism written prior to the Soviet collapse, the old boy, still kicking today, turned out to be fairly prophetic (and has himself humbly noted several instances of reality mirroring his art). 

The cynical among his readers might argue that any exiled Russian dissident with half a brain in the 80s could have worked out where the Bolshie fantasy might end up, but that misses the point. Which is that Voinovich didn’t write a satirical novel that predicted Moscow’s glittering Leninist failure. What he did was nail existing Western socialist reality thirty years before it exploded like a suppurating puss ball bursting with antifas, Trigglypuffs and 64 genders.(Note to literal minded leftists: Voinovich did not predict masked, tattooed faggots with man buns pretending to be men, fat chicks who’ve never seen their own hill of Venus except with a couple of specially rigged mirrors, or the delusionally dickless. But he surely apprehended the sufficient conditions required for these abscesses of Western civilization to appear.)

Taking an expensive trip sixty years into the future, our literary and literate narrator waxes lyrical about everything he sees in the yet to exist Moscow; e.g., getting to the bottom of how communism was built in one city, comprehending the rings of hostility that encircle the capital, gaining valuable insights into literary production, trying to get behind the legend of the Genialissimo, getting an introduction to the education for the masses, and so on and on. Voinovich is a funny guy, but also a little bit frightening. To be honest, anybody holding out for a peaceful resolution to delinquent leftist sanctuary cities in the US should read this book immediately. And then light out for the boondocks. Because unlike Voinovich’s narrator, nobody has the means to make it back to an earlier and more gentle time.

It is remarkable that, just as communism was being buried in the shitholes that had previously advocated it most aggressively, a new generation of retards took up the baron baton with a vengeance. Following the author, I’m predicting that San Francisco and the top ten libtard enclaves will resemble Moscowrep in 2042 than anything than actually ever existed in the former USSR.

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