Wednesday, 24 May 2017

When We Are Kings

[Media prompt] Texas A&M professor says white people may have to be killed.
When We Are Kings

It’s told, in books by the elders, of a time before this world began, when we lived with the whites, but I don’t believe it, I don’t believe anything the elders say, done nobody does any more. Take Malik, he went to where the white people live, and he told us how they live, and it bears NO comparison to what we suffer here EVERY single day, bent down on the hard cracked ground breaking our backs pulling weeds so a plant can grow just long enough to die in the heat. Now, you tell me how we lived together when white folk they live inside the wall and they got GREENERY and WATER and houses with electricity and FOOD to spare and we live out here in the DIRT while they have pools to swim in. Malik, he says he saw women out walking in the street alone, and there weren’t a gun in sight, not a single one. Out here a woman alone even with a gun would not see tomorrow. A man needs a woman no matter how he finds or TAKES her. Andre says Malik is a liar, but Malik is the one with my back since I can’t recall how long, but he helped me take my first bitch, and she had a gun, and I never, not one lonely day out here, seen Andre help me with ONE damn thing, not a one. Every day I’m WAITING, I’m WATCHING for to KILL a white, just like the Prophet says. And we shall smite them down, is what he says, smite means strike, strike them down, another way to say kill them, but poetic, Biblical. And the white man, he deserve everything he going to get, and he going to get plenty, he kept us down, kept us down in the hard dry dirt with our backs breaking and starving, kept us down in a way that meant to break our spirit. But when the TIME comes, every one of him will pay, pay with life and then what’s inside the walls will be black, will be ours, and the PROPHECY of the DINDU WARRIOR will come true, and the old order of things, like it says in the great book, the old order of things will return. And if the great book says the old order will return, how we ever lived with the whites, if the old order was we were kings? Yes sir, we was kings. And we will be kings again. As soon as we kill the whites.

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