Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Rehearsal

[Media prompt] Man admits to tricking dozens of women into sex, told them they were ‘rehearsing’ for porn roles.
The Rehearsal

For six months Ethan had been thinking of buying a gun. Every time he passed by the gun store on Quincy Avenue he stopped and looked in the window, but if the owner glanced in his direction he walked away. Sometimes, if the man inside was attending to customers, Ethan could gaze at the guns displayed on the wall behind the counter. There must have been over a hundred of them racked on the walls.

At university, Ethan and his friends often discussed gun ownership. Professor Goldstein, who had published a book on the deleterious effects of America’s obsession with firearms, was adamant that owning a weapon of any kind led to increases in crime and murder. But since the start of Trump's second term, a growing number of his comrades in the social sciences were taking a different view.

“If we want to resist,” said Sophie Fleischmann, who represented their local chapter at the annual antifa congress in Portland last year, “then we need guns. And we need to know how to use them.”

There were arguments about this when Sophie returned from the congress, and a split had opened between the peaceniks and fighters. Even though Ethan had donned his mask and black hoodie regularly, marching on campus against the alt-right, waving his hammer and sickle flag proudly, he instinctively shied away from guns and violence. But Sophie’s arguments had swayed him. She even carried a handgun on campus, although she was not licenced to do so.  

One Saturday morning, when Ethan walked past the gun shop, the owner surprised him at the door. He was a big man, with a lined face and hands the size of saucers. The man invited him in, and within minutes Ethan was seduced by the feel and weight of a black Walther P99.

“Listen,” said the man as he waited for the machine to accept payment. “A friend of mine is in town to shoot a movie on location. He’s looking for young guys with guns to help out in rehearsal.”

Ethan listened to what the man said. At first he demurred. But as the man persisted, Ethan recalled how Sophie once told him he lacked initiative. He knew that when she said that what she meant was he lacked courage. And so he agreed. What harm could there be in rehearsing an assassination scene in a movie? He imagined how impressed Sophie would be when he told her.

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