Friday, 5 May 2017

Death to vaginas: Moravagine by Blaise Cendrars

Blaise Cendrars, unlike the gold digging whore Eve Ensler, knew a thing or two about the evils of communists and Jews. First, the communists.

Early in the book, Raymond La Science, the narrator, and the titular vagina murderer flee to pre-revolution Russia, where in the spirit of the greatest Jew of them all proceed to wreak havoc under the egalitarian’s catchall, “each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. But of course, if your ability is murder and your need is death, then Russia circa 1905 is the place to be. “Madness and suicide,” writes Cendrars, “became everyday phenomena.” It’s a how-to for antifa fascists.

Now to the Jews. “Within the party itself,” says Raymond La Science, “of 772 professional terrorists 740 were Jews.” Why, (((Saul D. Alinsky))) himself would have been proud. After all, as I have shown, his Rules for Radicals is a direct continuation of the Jewish conspiracy chartered in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, modified, tried and tested on American soil from the 1930s onwards. I’m surprised Moravagine is permitted to see the light of day in this precious age. That it is, can only be attributed to its status as ‘underground classic’. Leftists get all perky over things like that.

Cendrars reminds me of his contemporaries in Russia, like Andrey Platonov, and Mikhail Bulgakov, who saw clearly, and to their detriment, the enveloping horrors of communism. Moravagine is most often seen as a darkly comedic work, and it is, but that shouldn’t blind us to the truths at its heart. Truths as important today as in the mid-1920s when it was published. With the media as obedient today to its radical Jewish masters as it was then, we all need to stand firmly against the onslaught.

As Moravagine says, “kay-ray-kuh-kuh-ko-kex.” Which is Martian for, “Scratch a communist, find a Jew.” It was true then. It's true now.

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