Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Dark Ages

[Media prompt] Anti-Muslim threats, attack hoax created by US professor to keep his job.
The Dark Ages

Mohammed had worked hard on his presentation for Professor Abdelrahman’s Early 21st Century Pre-Balkanisation History class. Even though it was a survey course, and unrelated to the medical degree to which he hoped to gain admittance at the end of the year, he enjoyed it. Naturally, he had heard stories from his grandfather, who was a child during the wars. And he knew the names of the former American states now concealed under the green of the Dearborn Caliphate territory on maps. But like many of his generation, he knew little about the actual struggle for independence.

His presentation started well. The interactive time warp had been a sensation. For the first few minutes at least. Mohammed could tell from the GSR that everyone felt they were travelling back in time. Readings showed accelerated heartrates, hyper alert sympathetic nervous systems, and increased breathing rates, which all pointed towards a realistic experience. Irfan had even vomited, although he later tried to brush it off by saying he had eaten one date mamul too many. And perhaps everything would have been okay if he had confined the experience to the period of Muslim rule. But he had not.

While investigating the Dark Ages, the fifty-year period from 1980 to 2030, he stumbled upon a remarkable example of discrimination that made his blood boil. Primary research materials for the period were almost non-existent, but due to a stroke of good fortune, Mohammed had discovered a cache of data secreted in a long forgotten segment of decaying internet infrastructure. Amidst the centillion bytes of information contained there, he found the shocking story of one Azhar Hussain.

To bring Professor Hussain’s inconceivable experience to life, Mohammed replicated, to the smallest detail, the Indiana State University campus of 2017. This presented a wealth of problems, the most serious being its complete annihilation in 2032 as the Caliphate conquered the former kafir state. Yet through persistence, and his father being the head of the Islamic AI Project, he developed something that startled even him. For here was a campus not only all but devoid of Muslims, but a community so dysfunctional and deviant that it sickened him. Women, and bareheaded ones at that, rampant proximity between the sexes, the disavowal of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, and a hundred other sins.

Within this sphere of unnaturalness, he told the story of Professor Husain’s persecution. Of how to keep his job in a community of unbelievers, he was forced to self-persecute. Mohammed showed Professor Husain interacting with women displaying elbows, thighs, shoulders, hair.

It was at this point that Professor Abdelrahman called a halt to proceedings.

“It’s an amazing piece of work, Mohammed,” he said. “It is really is. And I think you’ve perfectly captured what it meant to be a Muslim in the pre-Balkanisation Dark Ages. But we have to stop it here. It’s too much, even for me, to bear.”

Mohammed was satisfied with his A+, and said a prayer for Azhar Hussain. Maybe he would start a campaign to erect a statue commemorating his plight.

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