Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Curious Case of Lang Yuhan

[Media prompt] Seeking pig organs for human transplants.
The Curious Case of Lang Yuhan

Lang Yuhan. The most lauded scientist of her generation. Of any generation. The wealthiest, too. Cofounder of eExodus, the largest publicly traded company in the world by market cap. The recipient of every science and humanitarian prize or medal awarded. Intensely driven. A force of nature. Everyone said she didn’t know the meaning of giving up. All of which is to say that when she turned up dead it was a bad start to my day. 

The chief called me. The mayor had been on the horn demanding a hasty and satisfactory resolution.

“None of your crackpot theories this time,” he said, yelling as though I was on the other side of a busy street. “Just deliver a perp and a watertight case.”

When I went up to the house, I recognised the patrolman at the front door. I asked about his wife. She had been ill with cancer, but was better now. It was the only good news all day.

The tech boys had been over most of the crime scene by the time I arrived. Lang’s body was still lying in the middle of a floor the size of a football field. No obvious cause of death had been determined, though the signs of a violent struggle were evident. Lang’s dress was torn. Furniture overturned. Security footage had mysteriously disappeared.

For several days, I came up with nothing. Not a thing. The chief threatened to take me off the case. Threatened to put me on traffic duty. Told me that he’d personally bust my arse. The sort of techniques favoured by the top brass, but not usually any help in breaking cases wide open. I didn’t even have a suspect. Let alone a theory.

When it came to me, I slapped my head and almost rang the chief so he could bawl me out. I deserved it.

It was the pig organ transplants. After I’d worked that out, it was easy. Within twenty-four hours we had a confession from the imam of the Great Boston Mosque. It turns out anti-pig is the new pro-choice. 

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