Wednesday, 19 April 2017

No Place for Good Men

[Media prompt] Christians in Australia attacked, threatened by Muslim gangs, gay groups.
No Place for Good Men

Mohammed, Mohammad, Irfan and Mohammed followed the young couple off the train, and then in the piss-stained stench of the station platform knocked the woman to the ground and ripped a cross hanging around the man’s neck.

“Christian scum,” yelled Mohammed.

The man fought back, but he was no match for three assailants and in seconds was felled by a hit from behind. As his wife screamed, blood from her broken nose bubbling onto the ground, he tried to raise himself. The four men beat him down again, and this time kicked more savagely until he was unconscious.

Kafir shit,” said Irfan, laughing with his friends. “Next time we kill you.”

Mohammad kicked the woman hard in the ribs before the four of them sauntered away. The woman crawled to her husband, who was unconscious but breathing. She dialled 000, requesting an ambulance. Nobody on the platform appeared to have thought to do so. This was Muslim territory. And besides, they were all atheists and the Christians were on their own.

When the man’s injuries had healed, he returned to work. His colleagues were grateful to see him, but he sensed their good wishes were nothing more than platitudes designed to push the incident from their minds. His intuition proved correct. Several weeks later, after another Muslim attack on a Christian woman, one of his colleagues said, “You God botherers bring it on yourselves.”

“Why do you say that?” asked the man, keeping his rising anger in check.

“Because you want to kill people like me” said his colleague, well known in the office as a militant gay activist. “So why should I respect your baby Jesus.” He said Jesus like the Muslims who attacked him had said ‘kafir’.

At night, he talked with his wife. She told her husband that former friends had distanced themselves. One had derided her as a stay-at-home mum, while another said home schooling led to terrorism.

“Since when are Christian home schoolers trying to murder people on train platforms?” she said, weeping as her husband held her.

The man thought she had a point.

Later, after the shooting, investigators would conclude the straw that broke the camel’s back was a Sunday service at which a visiting gay preacher at the man’s church praised Islam as a religion of peace. The same preacher who argued the man should not have a Christian burial, but who nevertheless attended the funerals of Mohammed, Mohammad, Irfan and Mohammed.

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