Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Mosque of One's Own

[Media prompt] A mosque of her own: first women’s mosque dedicated in Berkeley.
A Mosque of One's Own

Within hours of it being posted on the Berkeley Muslim Group’s Facebook page, the announcement of a new mosque for women had been liked and shared hundreds of times.

“The mosque, named Qalb ‘Asud,” the announcement said, “aims to overturn centuries of Muslim misogyny by giving women a mosque of their own – one founded and led by women.”

The first call to prayer echoed out across the hallowed halls of education on Easter Friday, and since then, hundreds of worshippers had visited. Most were women, but men came as well. Zainab, the woman who delivered the khutbah, started each sermon asking that anyone who was uncomfortable praying next to someone of the opposite sex to absent themselves to a side room. Nobody ever did. It truly was a women’s mosque of their own, and a safe space for all.

When he heard about the mosque, Olol Bani was not happy. Olol was the largest camel trader in the Rust Belt Caliphate, his business based on the requirement to compensate rape victims in the form of camels. He was formerly from Somalia, but like many others had paid his way to America and settled in Dearborn.

“I don’t like this,” he said to Nuruddin Dirie, his long-time business partner. “The next thing we’ll see is our women complaining about beatings.”

“No man will stand for this,” said Nuruddin, sucking on his pipe. He winked at Olol. “Leave it to me, old friend.”

Nuruddin was as cunning as he was ugly, and through his connections with communists in Dearborn was able to fly out within a week to meet Elijah Cohen, one of the leaders of the Berkeley Antifa.

“Elijah, my friend,” said Nuruddin, when the young Jew demurred at the request to shut down the women’s mosque. “Do you not see the .. the bigger objective?”

Elijah scowled. He was a communist, thus a fascist at heart, and had long understood the coalition between the red and the green was essential in the fight against white Christians. But he also knew some of his best streetfighters were women. It would be a tough sell, he thought.

“Listen,” said Nuruddin. “You can kill … how do you Americans say it? A bird with two stones.”

“I don’t know how they say it. I refuse to accept the idiomatic speech of capitalism,” said Elijah. Nuruddin smiled. It was going to be easier than he thought.

“All right,” said Nuruddin, holding out his hands. “All right. But do you really believe this doesn’t undermine your leadership of the resistance? The blacks have lost their position in the pecking order of victimhood. White women are barely capable of speaking out. How long do you think a white Jew has left before Muslim women unseat you?”

Elijah waited a week before firebombing the mosque. As he watched it burn to the ground from a safe distance, one of his comrades-in-arms asked, “Do you know what the name means?”

“Why the fuck would I know anything about those pigs?”

“Dark Heart,” said the dreadlocked girl at his side. “The Mosque of the Dark Heart.”

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