Friday, 3 March 2017

From Scratch

[Media prompt] Artificial human life could soon be grown from scratch in the lab.
From Scratch

Dr Shapiro visited twice today. He enjoys the attention, despite his protests. He talked to three or four reporters for at least ten minutes after his morning visit, and then did a live interview with Janet Hernandez this afternoon. They’re just wasting my time, he said to one of the morning nurses, who tut-tutted in agreement but was obviously not convinced; like the rest of us, she knows he could have them all removed in an instant. This is his moment, and he's revelling in it.

I have never been what doctors might call robust. Quite the opposite in fact. Wheelchair and bed bound, assailed by afflictions mild and severe alike, I am hardly full of life. And yet where my body failed, my mind excelled. Biocreare Corp, which holds the major patents by which I was created, its license to conceive, would have terminated me at delivery had not the miracle of my mind seduced the board of directors into believing I could be human.

In the headlines announcing my creation, I was a ‘masterpiece’ of bioengineering, a miracle matured in a chemical tank. A Godless creation, the philosophers said. And yet it is I, the progeny of stem cells, who of all God’s creations sees Him most clearly.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Dr Shapiro will return tomorrow, his task to oversee the end of Biocreare's noble experiment. But by the time he arrives I will have ascended to Heaven. It will be the second time the Jews have been blamed for killing the son of God. 

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