Thursday, 9 February 2017

Prelude to the End

[Media prompt] More than a decade ago historian Bernard Lewis warned that if current migration trends continue, Europe will be Islamic by the end of the 21st century. Germany's political elites are at the vanguard of making that prediction come true.
Prelude to the End

Sometime after seven, having investigated a report that two houses behind the mosque had been irreparably damaged by a homemade bomb, and leaving instructions at the Town Hall that space in an emergency shelter be made available to the families affected, I was so tired, so fed up with the noise of children playing and the Kurdish hip hop blaring from a shop nearby selling Halal food, that instead of going out of my way to one of the Syrian bakeries in Gievenbeck to buy flat bread, as I sometimes do if I find myself in the vicinity at the end of the day, I circumvented central Münster by taking the ring road back to my apartment in Handorf, where at about half past the hour I found a message on my terminal from Dr Shapiro informing me that a Somali had raped Annika. “As many of you will by now know, Annika Müller has been raped by a Somali,” it said. “As per previous episodes, it’s critical that this does not leak to the press.”

After reading the message twice, I walked out onto my balcony, and looked across the rows of shipping containers housing recent arrivals, adjacent to which was a vacant plot of land that unemployed men used as a football pitch, where a game between Kurds and Arabs was turning nasty. I had spent most of the afternoon listening to two Oromo families accuse a rival Amhara clan of firebombing their houses, not for the first time, they complained; if they are not trying to burn us out, said one of the husbands, they assault our wives and daughters, break our windows, threaten us, steal our food, and bugger our sons. Leaning against the hand railing, I swallowed down a lump that had risen in the back of my throat, and upon straightening saw that several pairs of footballers were now wrestling on the ground, their teammates pushing and jostling in groups around them.

Before leaving the Town Hall, I signed the appropriate paperwork to tender out the reconstruction of the two houses, reduced to blackened rubble. Florien detoured from an emergency at the power station to assist me on site for an hour or two, and he mentioned during our rummaging for evidence that it reminded him of Sudan. The only difference, he said, was the amount of greenery. We had served together in the aborted last stand by what was left of the EU to block Africans, an assortment of Muslims and animists who vied with each other to commit the vilest atrocities, on us and on each other. 

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