Monday, 6 February 2017

Migration is war: The Plague by Albert Camus

The Plague is an allegory of the West’s future suffering under a third world ‘refugee’ occupation. There’s no need to expound on who the rats are or what the plague is in this version.

Instead of reading 1984, which they don’t understand, libtards would be better served by reading Camus. (1984 is about ‘fake news’ like the Quran is about ‘peace’.) By doing so, they may catch a glimpse of what awaits them. (1984, on the other hand, is what awaits the Alt-Right if the paramilitary arm of the DNC gains power.) It’s also fun putting names to the fearful, the courageous and the cowardly. Who are our future Cottards, Grands, Ramberts? And who will be the West’s Rieux?

Camus was an alpha shitlord. If he was born a century later (i.e., 2013), he’d be an Alt-Righter. The Plague, by the way, was published in 1947. And it’s in 2047 that I expect his twenty first century doppelganger to be finishing The Plague: Mark II.

Rats that think all Westerners are collaborators are in for a nasty shock.

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